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RTI in Private Ltd company






I have worked with a Noida based Private Limited company Named Nex-G Exuberant Solutions limited for 2 years , they haven't cleared my payments for the last couple of months of my employment with them and kept on delaying the same for almost a year and i am still not paid for months of February - march 2009 , they haven't issued my form 16 either , they kept on delaying that we don't have funds in the company and various other excuses been put up. where as they have more than enough funds stacked in to the bank accounts other than the company account. I have the details of the Banks and the names in which this accounts are held.


Now they are asking money from me for new policies that they introduced after the duration of 1 year since i left.


They are differing to clear the payments and now they said i never worked with them at all.


I have all the relevant documents likes of experience letters and relieving letters issued by them to me at the time i left the company.


How do i go about this now ? can RTI help with this.




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RTI is not applicable to private organisations. YOurs is a labour problem and you may contact Labour Commissioner of the area.

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can you provide some more info on that , i am bangalore and the company is in noida , i had worked for the company at both locations first year at Noida office and the 2nd year at the client location in bangalore.


Which Labour Commissioner's office i should be contacting and what are the chances of action being taken by them.


Thanks and Regards

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This portal is only meant for discussing issues related to the RTI Act.

Please confine your discussions to the main focus of the portal: RTI Act 2005.


For other matters of a general nature, like yours, please continue the discussions on Big Helpers

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