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I would like to utilize this website for doing some social work for my locality




Dear members,


My name is Srinivas. I would like to utilize this website for doing some social work for my locality.


I Stay in Hyderabad in a place called Tolichowkie. I had requested the Municipal Office located in Khairatabad, Hyderabad requesting to lay a concrete road in the lanes of our area. Even after more than four letters no action has been taken by the authorities. Lot of problems are faced by the residents of this area.


I would liek to knwo how to get the information on the status of the application filed by me in this regard and to whom should I contact and approach.


Thanking You.


Yours faithfully.



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You can use RTI to find status of your application. For that you should log-in to the municipal site and look for the list of Public Information Officers list under RTI infomation.Find out the PIO of your circle and file your RTI application.


Pls visit the following link about the questions which can be asked by you.



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You can definitely use RTI to get the status of your various complaints and requests for concrete raods in your area.


The RTI application needs to be filed with the SPIO of the Khairatabad office GHMC. The list of SPIO's and various officers in various Hyderabad Zones, is available at:




Your RTI application will have to be as per the RTI Rules for Andhra Pradesh. For details you can see the guide section:




For help about how to draft a RTI application, how to submit, format for RTI application, etc....there are very detailed and helpful articles in the guide segment.


Once you have drafted your RTI application, in case you so wish, you can post it here for other members to guide you and suggest changes if any.


Just for your information, a very detailed general RTI application for poor condition of roads has been drafted by me and is attached to this thread:




Please also read these threads:






A success story of on of our members in Whitefields area of Hyderabad about road repairs is available here:



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