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Can we ask for info about private institution to PIO?



Can I ask for information about what is going on in a private institution to the Public information Officer?

Say an issue related to polution by a firm or an environmental issue?

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Yes, anything a private institute does which effects the public like the example you said about pollution/environmental issue which concerns the Government can be asked from PIO.

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does it mean that the PIO will procure information and give it to me?


The PIO will provide infomration available with them readily.

If additional information is required whic offcourse is in public interest and not avaialbe with PIO then PIO can procure the infomration on request of applicant after the applicant pays the additional fees as stated in



Section 7 (3) Where a decision is taken to provide the information on payment of any further fee representing the cost of providing the information, the Central Public Information Officer or State Public Information Officer, as the case may be, shall send an intimation to the person making the request, giving—



the details of further fees representing the cost of providing the information as determined by him, together with the calculations made to arrive at the amount in accordance with fee prescribed under sub-section (1), requesting him to deposit that fees, and the period intervening between the despatch of the said intimation and payment of fees shall be excluded for the purpose of calculating the period of thirty days referred to in that sub-section;

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Mr. Kushal,


Thanks. Infact I had put this thread as an annexure to my RTI application. But they never cared about it. Now I have made an appeal to the First Appellate, the member Secretary, APPCB. With this appeal I have put the news item on the appeal of Sri. Mahesh Pandya, Paryavaran Mitra to IC, Gujarat and the order passed. I am not sure they bother about such things.




Babu Rao

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