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Arrange translator for land records in Urdu: CIC to Delhi Govt

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Arrange translator for land records in Urdu: CIC to Delhi Govt

as published in ZeeNews, Reported by PTI, New Delhi: June 01, 2010


The Central Information Commission has suggested to the Land and Building Department of Delhi Government to make arrangement for the translation of land records which are in Urdu.


The case came before Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi while hearing the plea of an RTI applicant Ram Kishan who had sought to know from the department the name of the owner of a particular land at the time it was declared as evacuee property.


"Since no Urdu knowing person was working in E.P. Cell of Land & Building Department the copy of the Jamabandi Record (which is in Urdu language) was sent to the appellant. The same has been asked to get translated from the Urdu translator to know the name of the evacuee," the department said in its reply.


The department meanwhile had provided the name in Hindi as desired by the applicant days before the case was about to come before the Commission.


"Considering the fact that the large number of records available with the public authority are in Urdu it should make some arrangements to ensure that a person is available to translate the Urdu records," the Commission suggested.


Arrange translator for land records in Urdu: CIC to Delhi Govt

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Guest pcbali

Sidmis, thanks for the post, please post the link from where I can download the judgment as it is required by me in the same type of an appeal with SIC Punjab. I had asked DC for a copy of "land plan" "Tatima as called in Urdu". All such record is in old Akbar time unit of measurements called "Karm" "Marla "Kanal" etc. While I have demanded in metric system which is only legal system in India for measurement. I will force the Revenue department to convert all data to metric System. They are all doing corruption in this matter when go for actual demarcations of lands or otherwise and this is big scandal. So will you please also suggest me in this regard and as well upload the link to retrieve the Judgment. If any other judgments are in this connection, I will be obliged with the links to download or otherwise information for my reference and making my issue strong.

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