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Regarding caste base census - How do I formulate RTI ?




Dear RTI experts,

I feel govt should go for caste based(e.g. yadav , gujjar ,etc) census and not caste category (e.g. SC/ST/OBC/EBC/MBC) based census.

Since it has been observed only few dominant castes in OBC are getting most benefit of reservation and other caste in OBC are getting deprived , so it is better to count each caste percentage in 2011 census (e.g. caste 1 1% caste 2 3% ... caste 10000 .05% ) ,etc and provide each caste reservation




I am thinking of asking human resource ministry following questions :


It has been observed that only few dominant castes under OBC category are occupying most share of the OBC quota in job and education , if you agree with this , do not you think it is unfair to club different castes under OBC category and ask them compete ?

Are you not again depriving most of the castes who fall

under OBC category? just that this time they are geting deprived by another caste who also belong to OBC


If you do not agree with above observation , please provide me castewise percentage details of people working in your ministry who got job using quota , that is I am looking for a list simmilar to this from you.

Out of 1000 people who got job in my ministry under reservation , here is the castewise breakup)

(caste 1 20% .... caste 100 .05% ) , this sample will easily prove that you are indeed depriving most of the

OBC castes by asking them to compete.

Waiting for reply.

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Most of the queries listed by your are seeking opinion and advice.


Under the RTI Act, you can only ask for information, as defined in Sec 2(f) of the RTI Act.


Please refer to the RTI Act here: Right to Information Act 2005

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Thanks all , just checked in timesofindia today , govt has decided to add caste in census , like people have to explicitly tell their caste e.g yadav ,etc in addition to the category.

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