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Who pulled out flight for IPL team?, Can''t give name, says Alliance Air

Atul Patankar

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Atul Patankar

As reported at ibnlive.in.com on 12 August 2010


New Delhi, Aug 12 (PTI) Citing "fiduciary" relationship, the state-run Alliance Air has declined to give the name of the person who was behind the diversion of its aircraft for carrying an IPL team after pulling out a scheduled flight to Coimbatore early this year. RTI applicant S C Agrawal had asked the airline the name of the person who made a request for such an arrangement along with other details against the backdrop of news reports that "Praful Patel''s daughter pulled out scheduled AI flight for IPL". The reports had also spoke of clear violation of norms if plane was diverted for Poorna. Public Information Officer (PIO) of Alliance Air Arun K Goyal, in reply to the question about the name of the person said, "As per Section 8(1)(e) of RTI Act,2005, this information is exempt from disclosure." The PIO has cited this information "as exempted under section 8(1)(e) of RTI Act which talks about fiduciary relationship. It seems that the PIO neither understands basics of law nor dictionary-meaning of ''fiduciary''," Agrawal said. Fiduciary relationship is limited to very restricted personal relations like between doctor-patient and others and not at all for official purposes. Various verdicts from Central Information Commission are there to clarify ''fiduciary relationship'', Agrawal said. Denying information on this particular question seems to be a deliberate attempt to hide some wrong-doing on part of Alliance Air, Agrawal said today. CPIO has also not furnished details of Appellate Authority as mandatory under section 7(8) of RTI Act, he added.

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As reported in timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 27 February 2011:

CIC asks Alliance Air to reveal who ordered flight for IPL players - The Times of India


CIC asks Alliance Air to reveal who ordered flight for IPL players


NEW DELHI: The Central Information Commission (CIC) has asked Alliance Air to make public the name of the person who asked the airline for a chartered flight, prompting them to cancel a scheduled Delhi-Coimbatore flight in April 2010.


Rejecting Alliance Air's contention that disclosure was exempted as it was held in commercial confidence, information commissioner Sushma Singh said in the interest of transparency and accountability the information must be given within 10 days.


The controversial requisition was allegedly made by then civil aviation minister Praful Patel's daughter Poorna Patel. A Delhi-Coimbatore Air India flight, IC 7603, was aborted less than 12 hours before its departure to allow the aircraft to be deployed as a chartered flight for ferrying IPL's hospitality manager Poorna Patel and some IPL players from Chandigarh to Chennai on April 20.


RTI applicant S C Agrawal argued that no commercial confidence was involved. Accepting this the Commission said "public interest outweighed the harm to protected interests as impropriety and favouritism in aborting the flight on the behest of an influential person/persons, in violation of the rules, had been alleged by the appellant and in the news reports provided by him.''

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As reported in by PTI in economictimes.indiatimes.com on 24 Jan 2012:

Central Information Commission issues show cause notice to Alliance Air - The Economic Times


Central Information Commission issues show cause notice to Alliance Air


NEW DELHI: The Central Information Commission has issued a show cause notice to Air India subsidiary Alliance Air for not disclosing information about a flight which was pulled out of its scheduled departure to ferry an IPL cricket team, despite its orders.


The Delhi-Coimbatore flight was aborted on April 20, 2010 and the aircraft was reportedly used to ferry IPL players and Poorna Patel, daughter of the then Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel from Chandigarh to Chennai.


Based on these news reports, activist Subhash Agrawal had sought details about this flight from Alliance Air which informed that owner of Chennai Super Kings, India Cements, had requested for the chartered flight and the payment was also made by them in advance.


However, the airlines did not give complete file notings and other details.


Information Commissioner Sushma Singh on February 23, 2011 ordered the Airlines to disclose complete information.


But within a month Alliance Air replied saying that the information is "commercially sensitive" and cannot be disclosed according to exemption clauses of the RTI Act.


Agrawal filed a fresh application seeking details but was denied again after which he filed case of non-compliance before the Commission.


In the recent hearing, Singh ordered, "The CPIO is hereby directed to provide complete information to the appellant and to show cause why a penalty of Rs 25000 under section 20 of the RTI Act should not be imposed on him for causing a delay of more than 100 days in providing the information to the appellant."

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