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Stamp Paper issued to ?? : Details Required


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I need information on the issuance details of a Non Judicial Stamp Paper for Rs.100/- issued by a Stamp Vendor (Only Name Available as address is unreadable) in Mumbai.


I need the respective Official/ Department/ Stamp Vendor to provide information that "The Stamp Paper bearing Serial No.xxxxxx was supplied to Stamp Vendor XXXX and was further issued to "XXXXXX".


1. Please help me to create an appropriate RTI Application for the same.

2. I need to know the correct authority to apply to.


Awaiting reply.


Best Regards

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You have to file your RTI application with the State Public Information Officer (SPIO) of the Department of Registration and Stamps. Just check this website and call anyone there to find out who is the correct SPIO (because website does not give details): Department of Registration & Stamps, Maharashtra ( RISS / SARITA - II)



Your RTI Application has to be as per the RTI Rules and Fees for Maharashtra.

These are available in the Guide section of the Portal: RTI Guide


Please read the other articles in the Guide section as well as the links given in the FAQ here: RTI FAQ


Also read the links on the home page: All about RTI links


These will be of help to you during the RTI process.

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An Agreement was executed between 2 parties on Rs.100/- non judicial stamp paper.


The Licensed Stamp Vendor had issued the Stamp Paper in favour of an Advocate with an additional writing that had the name of one of the parties to the agreement. I needed to verify to whom this stamp paper was issued to and the date it was issued on.


I drafted a RTI Application addressed to the Superintendent of Stamps, Mumbai

General Stamp Office....., requesting for :


1. Full name and address of the Licensed Stamp Vendor to whom the Stamp Paper was issued to.


2. name and address of person to whom the Non Judicial Stamp Paper was issued to by the Stamp Vendor, thereafter.


3. certified copy of the relevant pages/s of the Register where the details are recorded by the Licensed Stamp Vendor at the time of sale/ issue of the said Stamp Paper, clearly showing the name of the person to whom the Non Judicial Stamp Paper for Rs.100/- bearing serial no. XX 999999 was issued to.


I received a call from the deptt in around 30 days and they gave me a properly drafted letter with all the information in tabular form and also the photocopies of the register as requested.


Best Regards

RTI Application for info on Stamp Paper.doc

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Congratulations on your success with RTI !

Now, with this personal experience, please feel confident to spread the word about this wonderful tool that we have.


Speak to your neighbors, family, friends, colleagues, etc.....and RTI will be useful to them also.

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For my knowledge how man years old stamps or other information we can seek under RTI Act? or in other words for how many years officials are supposed to preserve the records? Thanks


It depends on the "record retention" scedule of that department in each state.

Just check with the department in that state.

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I want to know following details of a Stamp paper issued by a stamp vendor of Bhopal M.P.  

 1. Who purchased the said stamp paper.

2. On which date the said stamp paper was sold. 

  How can I got help of You through RTI. Act.


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The stamp Vendor has to record such purchaser name, on which date it was purchased and who purchased as a legal duty.  If it is not done, send a copy of such stamp paper to Sub Registrar and make a complaint.  They have such secret process to know as to who sold that and that entry must be recorded in books of that stamp vendor also.  If the document is registered, the details must be recorded in books of sub registrar.

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