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Delhi: Remove debris near Neela Hauz flyover in 2 months: High court tells PWD


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Remove debris near Neela Hauz flyover in 2 months: High court tells PWD

as reported by Sri Abhinav Garg, TNN, Aug 22, 2010


NEW DELHI: Unhappy that construction-related debris is still lying near the recently inaugurated Neela Hauz flyover that straddles a medieval era lake, the Delhi high court has given a two-month deadline to the Public Works Department (PWD) to clean up the place.


A division bench comprising Chief Justice Dipak Misra and Justice Manmohan recently expressed their displeasure with the civic agency for failing to enforce a clause in the contract with the private firm that built the flyover, namely its obligation to remove all debris that threatens the very existence of the Neela Hauz lake.


HC was alerted to PWD's failure to remove debris by petitioner Malvika Kaul, a resident of Vasant Kunj who has filed a PIL alleging government indifference towards the endangered waterbody. Kaul, appearing through her lawyer Bankey Bihari accused the PWD of forgetting its responsibility to ensure debris removal, pointing out how this construction waste imperilled the lake's existence.


The judges also demanded an answer from the Delhi Development Authority (DDA), which has been made the nodal agency incharge of overall restoration of the lake, by a committee of Delhi government officials. DDA's mandate is to ensure the lake is fully restored to its original glory since the flyover over it has now been opened to the public.


Kaul's PIL raised concern over ecological imbalance caused by construction of the flyover across the lake and relies upon information collated from RTI replies directed at PWD that showed no environment impact study was done to take into account ecological damage to the waterbody prior to construction of the flyover.


"Preserving this lake is important because it is the only source of natural recharge to ground water in Vasant Kunj. The water level in this area is already very low with a spurt of constructions including malls and housing complexes on the ridge land surrounding Vasant Kunj. These constructions will keep on depleting the underground water unless lakes like Neela Hauz are fiercely protected,'' the PIL contended, seeking HC's intervention.


The petition accused the government of violating rulings of the Supreme Court and its concept of "sustainable development'' by ignoring environmental concerns, seeking to commit the government to restore and preserve Neela Hauz. Lastly, the PIL stresses that the Neela Hauz alongwith the adjoining Sanjay Van form a distinct ecological unit and house a variety of life ranging from the aquatic to the migratory birds.


Remove debris near Neela Hauz flyover in 2 months: High court tells PWD - Delhi - City - The Times of India

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advocate rajesh

Sidmis ji,this is the misfortune of this country that even for small administrative work people have to approach the Court to get direction .Unless and untill the Act of fixing resposiblity does not come into fprce these govt/administrative officials will not be doing their part of task honestly ,they are just digesting the salries and hard earned money of the people.

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