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Atul Patankar

Rajasthan : From Lalu to CBI officers, all owe money to Circuit House

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Atul Patankar

As reported by Anindo Dey at timesofindia.indiatimes.com on Feb 14, 2011


A list of defaulters -- From Lalu to CBI officers and more


JAIPUR: It's a list of who's who in the state and outside. From members of assemblies to those of Parliament, from ministers in the state to those at the Centre, bureaucrats, judges, department heads, poets, commoners and even officers from the CBI are all there. They are members of a defaulters list -- who are yet to pay money to the government Circuit House here -- for their stay at different periods of time.


Interestingly, the list also includes the name of former Union railway minister Lalu Prasad, then chief minister of Bihar. Yadav had made a visit to the city on November 4, 1993 and left without paying Rs 1,111 to the Circuit House.


In fact, a detailed list of those who are yet to pay their dues for their stay since 1981 runs into several pages. And the amounts are as varied as the worthies themselves.


The list was provided by the office of the manager, Circuit House, Jaipur, on January 21, 2011 in reply to an application filed under the RTI Act.


The lowest due, Re 1, is pending against two persons -- one Meena, an IAS probationer from Service Training Institute, Mussoorie, who visited on April 16, 1990 and one Sailen Chatterjee, for whom a room was booked by the Information and Public Relations department for June 4, 1987. The highest due -- Rs 1,12,261 -- is registered against the name of Rajendra Singh Bhiduri, MLA, Chittorgarh, for bookings made on January 31, 2009 and on February 22, 2009. However, Bhiduri is not the sole one in the list of legislators from the current assembly. The maximum number of bills -- 114 in total -- were left unpaid by former MLA Ghasiram Yadav between January 31, 1981 to May 23, 1987. The bills come up to Rs 36,497.


The list also has at least three judges, two of them from Allahabad. It also includes poets Gajanand Verma from Ratangarh, Prabha Thakur from Mumbai, Balkavi Bairagi from Indore and Ashok Chakradhar from Delhi -- all of whom had probably come for some state function and stayed at the Circuit House on August 17, 1984 after rooms were booked for them by the Information and Public Relations department, Rajasthan.


Interestingly, a separate sheet provided by the office of the manager has six entries against CBI officers who had come here between January 21, 1983 and September 26, 1998 for probing the Bhetri' case. They have bills worth Rs 2,69,312 pending against them. They were provided six rooms for two months by an order dated January 20, 1993.

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