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Har Subah Sirf Utho Mat - Jaago Re...


Jaago Re is a venture by Tata Tea. Initially started as a portal where you can get the information on how to become a part of Indian Electoral process, like Voter ID Cards, Electoral Rolls etc. With a Target of ONE BILLION VOTES, it has certainly gone a long way...


How to get a Voter ID Card..? How to get your name enlisted to the Voters List on your constituency..? Youth Voters Registration..?


wikipedia too provides some details on this movement.

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For your kind information, RTI India too has a sister site, http://www.bighelpers.org that functions on similar lines. Ofcourse, we do not have either the corporate backing of some big group or big money power to run the show with paid staff. Still our members have voluntarily contributed their time and energy in building up this site that provides quite a lot information to help the common man.

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When this advertises about corruption, oh sorry it's anti-corruption, I feel to ask, 'Tatas have not paid any bribe or what?!!!!'

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With due regards to RTI India Team, I've not tried to act as a campaigner for Jaago Re, nor have I tried to degrade the contribution of RTI India and Bighelpers.org towards the society.


Don't get me wrong, but at one point of time Jaago Re was the sole site where Young Voters used to visit online for details. You can say that the awareness was majorly due to the brand backing by Tata Tea, through their ad campaigns. But we cannot demean their efforts either. Its ad used to suggest citizens not to pay bribe, and it happened quite some time before the Anti-corruption wave hit us.


I believe that the mouth-to-ear communication is much more effective in spreading the awareness rather than ads funded by big groups. Hope I have made myself clear...


Dear Sir I would place a very humble and basic but embarrasing question in front of you. All of us have some small kids among our family or relatives who goes to school.


Don't we tell them, not to play or read comics while they are supposed to study..? Not to tell lies, not to use bad words..?


Frankly speaking, did we practise these virtues religiously..?


In the same way, Tata as a company might have paid bribes, but is it really bad if they make the citizens aware for not paying bribes..?

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