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Are your a Journalist? Are you working at news agencies, print outlets or online publications?


At RTI INDIA Journalist only forum, we intend to provide help to file your first of Right to

Information applications, and if you have filed one already, we intent to help you get over the further hurdles. We have active members (regular Members) and people from our team would help you. We also intent to have articles for journalists helping them to file RTI and also provide tips from Senior Members and RTI activists for journalists.


2. We would collect and disseminate your stories to the target audience focused on RTI. You would realize that most of the users who are members of RTI INDIA website, have some linkage, experience, or intent of using RTI. It will be our endeavor to publish your work to them.


3. We collect RTI stories from the web, and which appeared in newspapers and publish these stories with links to the original source.


4. We intend to provide a platform for networking of Activist and Journalist, so that both of them understand the needs of each other and help each other in promotion for the cause of Right to Information.


5. We intend to partner with like websites relating to RTI Journalism, provide linkages to the RTI Journalist only section, and contribute to them for furthering the RTI. We also intend to port the content of other website or provide our data free to the RTI Journalist websites.


6. We are also interested in bringing Journalist who can dedicate time to our portal in helping others in matters of experience gained with RTI, to our Team.


7. We would like to encourage members who are doing fellowship, courses, Research, Projects on RTI to join us.




RTI INDIA will provide following mode of interaction within the website for Journalist



  1. Journalist only Forum: The Forum will provide discussions between Journalist, Activist, RTI INDIA Team, and Active Members.
  2. RTI and Journalism: Exclusive Section which will publish stories generated by our RTI Journalists by utilizing the RTI.
  3. Email Newsletter: RT INDIA would send tips, important decisions of the Court, Central Information Commission and State Information Commissions directly to your email ID.
  4. On our Facebook Page and Twitter we would update all interesting RTI Happenings, please follow us.
  5. Teleconferencing: Though all our active and team members are helping us voluntarily, we in future intend to provide help to Journalist over phone as and when required.

We welcome you all to RTI INDIA

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