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'Write RTI' New iPhone mobile application of RTI INDIA

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We are excited to launch our new iPhone Mobile application called as 'Write RTI'. The link to the application is available here. The mobile user can access the link directly here! writerti_iphone.jpg


With RTI INDIA 'Write RTI' Mobile application, you can access rtiindia.org directly from your iPhone/iPod Touch. Be active and participate in our movement of Right to Information in India


- Send and receive Personal Message's

- Access and post to the most recent discussions

- Read and post to RTI INDIA blogs and articles

- View RTI INDIA profiles

- Customize your mobile account anywhere, anytime


The Application will provide access to 2,30,000 members community of RTI INDIA where you can interact with them directly via your mobile. Also you are connected to active members, Journalist who are there to help you make use of your RTI meaningfully.


Here is the walk through of the application:




The above screen tells the different areas where you can quickly navigate.




The above screenshots shows the articles segment of RTI INDIA.




The above screenshots shows how you can see the blogs posted at RTI INDIA. The quick links at the bottom will take you to popular blogs, new blogs, your own blogs directly.




The above screenshots shows all the forum areas we have on RTI INDIA. You can directly to the the individual forum from your iphone/ iPod touch.




The above screenshots shows the discussions threads and the number of replies made. From here you can quickly go to Top discussions, Newest discussions and the one you have subscribed. With subscribed threads, you can quickly keep track of the threads you are interested into.




Another screenshot of the cleaner view of RTI Community.




From the above screenshot, the Write RTI interface has been made such way that you can easily type your post, and also decide where you want to publish it: As an article, as a forum discussion or as your blog post.


Earlier we have launched Android platform mobile application here! The application has seen sustained higher users over the past month. The news appearing in the newspaper is available here.


With the launch of iPhone Free application for RTI INDIA community, we truly believe that we have expanded the reach of RTI. And by providing iPhones, Android phones, web, SMS, Facebook, Google+, Twitter options to remain connected to one RTI Community, we are in path of building a strong nation.


Please give us your feedback on our efforts in providing yet another channel for community support.


Thank You.

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Few clarifications


- this application connects only with the rtiindia.org website


- this application doesnot provide for submitting RTI to any public authority, or to IC.


- this application is a complete extension of the rtiindia.org website and all terms, rules and disclaimer applicable to website also applies to 'Write RTI' mobile application in addition to license information available at apple store.


- this application is provided free of cost to all users.





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