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Is mafia controling parking lots of delhi metro rail corporation



Most of the times the attendants at DELHI METRO RAIL CORPORATION parking sites fleece the motorists and charge the higher rate of parking fees even if there is a negligible delay of say 5-10 minutes, to extract this additional amount at times they get into arguments or even foul language with the parking users. At times paper coupons(slips) are issued by the parking attendant in place of using the computerized hand held machines to issue parking slips. Apparently this additional amount collected above the value of coupon issued is pocketed by these parking attendants.


I had requested that the following information from DMRC, New Delhi under the provisions of Right to Information Act 2005:


i. Please provide details of the process of awarding parking contracts at DMRC stations ie. Tender and bidding process etc.


ii. Whether these contracts are assigned on one time payment basis to the highest bidder at the time of award of the contract or on the basis of revenue sharing as an ongoing process. Please provide details thereof.


iii. Please give specific details of amount/revenue received, for which the contract has been awarded in respect of the 95 DMRC stations as per the list enclosed. Giving the periodicity ie. Annual/Quarterly/Monthly/Revenue Sharing.


iv. If the contracts have been awarded on revenue sharing basis what measures are adopted by DMRC to keep a check on the amount of revenue collected by the parking contractors at the respective metro stations. Please provide details thereof.


v. Whether any uniform or identity cards have been issued to the attendants manning the DMRC parking sites and whether it is mandatory for them to wear them.


vi. Whether it is mandatory for the parking contractor at DMRC parking sites to use computerized hand held machines to issue parking slips. Please provide specific details.


vii. Whether it is mandatory for the parking contractor to issue a receipt to the motorist for parking fees collected at the time of exit from the DMRC parking.


viii. Please provide details of measures are adopted by the DMRC to ensure that the parking contractors do not park vehicles more than the allowed number at spaces earmarked to them.


ix. Please provide details of surprise checks, if any conducted during the last five years at the DMRC parking lots across the city to ensure whether their directions are being implemented by the parking contractors or not.


x. Whether the contract details along with the MoU between DMRC and the parking contractors have been provided on the Web site of Delhi Metro under the provisions of Section 4 of Right to Information Act 2005. Please give details thereof. And if not details of persons responsible for willfully not allowing this information in public domain.


xi. Please give details of free medical aid, drinking water and toilet facilities being provided at these 95 metro stations.


Strange are the ways that these Public Information Officers adopt to hide the wrong doings of their departments. The reply that I got from DMRC in response to my above queries goes as under :


Kindly refer to your application seeking information under the RTI Act, 2005 received by PIO 2 cell on 29/08/2011. The information sought by you is voluminous in nature. Therefore, DGM/Civil & Structure who is the deemed PIO as defined under Sections 5(4) & 5(5) of the RTI Act, has informed that you may inspect the available records on 10.10.2011 between 15.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs in Metro Bhawan, New Delhi.


May I request the members on this forum to help me in how to proceed further :

i. I am not able to make it out that how can simply the information requested for (without copies of documents requested for) be voluminous in nature.


ii. Is it mandatory for me to appear before the deemed PIO for a physical look at the information. Simply looking at the information may not help as answer to many questions need to be given by DMRC only.


iii. Can I appeal to the Appellant Authority against this requesting for the information to be provided in written form.


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no its not neccessory to appear before the deemed PIO for a physical look at the information.there is no provision in RTI act to to appear before the deemed PIO for a physical look this is rubbish


plz file an appeal

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Please provide details of the process of awarding parking contracts at DMRC stations ie. Tender and bidding process etc.

dear Ajay ,

to me your queries are not properly framed . I beg to differ from my friend drasparihar . I have picked up one of the queries to explain my point . In this taken up query , instead of asking for "details" , you should have sought copies of documents , that is , tender notice advertisement/s , all individual bids by parties , terms of contract finally awarded , security deposits by contractor/ successful bidder , conditions for revoking the contract etc .


You have given enough room to the PIO to botch up the Application . Your most queries ask the PIO to give answers , which he is not supposed to provide , you should have asked for documents because for unearthing an irregularity , the reply of PIO will not mean much , it will be the records /documents which will help you prove your point .


The PIO can certainly invite you for inspection if he finds the information is voluminous or ambiguous . Although not all queries fall in that category , but you have given enough room to PIO to frustrate your effort .

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Thanks to both of you for the guidance and opinion.


Dear Malhotra sir,


I fail to understand how a physical inspection of records is going to answer my above queries. As merely looking at the documents may not serve any purpose for this DMRC must be providing answers to the queries in black and white.


Most of the information sought by me should already have been voluntarily disclosed by DMRC as per the provisions of section 4 of RTI Act 2005.


In any case will be filing an appeal before the Appellate Authority, any further suggestions and guidance will be highly appreciated.

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