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5th rtiindia.org anniversary with 2,46000 members and new team members


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It’s a success story when it comes to RTI INDIA. We have completed 5 year this September 28th 2011. RTI INDIA came into web world on September 28th, 2006, by posting our first post to the world. This year we have seen the real power of RTI INDIA among common peoples life, where it was used as a tool for obtaining information and sharing over web.


Since its launch rtiindia.org has grown to serve more people in more different ways. During this year we launched following initiative:

  1. Writerti.com: To promote sharing of RTI content directly through email
  2. RTI Journalist Section: To promote Journalist to effectively use and dissiminate RTI Stories
  3. Mobile Application: Android and iPhone mobile RTI appplication to provide instant access to huge content of the website over mobile.


During this year we also expanded to four of the social networking sites:


  1. Facebook: With more than 5000 members liking it
  2. Twitter: With more than 2500 people following it
  3. Linkedin: With 500 Professional network of people
  4. RTI INDIA SMS: With more than 4500 subscribers receiving daily SMS updates over mobile


During this one year we have 1 lakhs 10 thousand more members than last year, the extra-ordinary growth in registration. Here is the year wise registration graph:




We are happy to announce that on this important day of our anniversary, we are joined by new team members

1. Jps50 & Taurus has been promoted as the Moderators of the Forum and they will take the management of discussions over forum.


2. We have been joined by seven new Community Builder (CBU) who will help in guiding and helping members and building a strong and friendly community.







Sajib Nandi and



With the new induction to the RTI INDIA Team, we are pretty excited and hopeful that we would be able to build a much stronger community to help our members. I would like to thank all of our team members for taking up this selfless responsibility.


Please visit our Staff section here!



and finally, thank You to all who have visited this Website through the years. I hope you've found it to be helpful as well as informative. A Special Thank You to all who have contributed to the Contents and Posts. It's that spirit of teamwork and group participation that I hope will continue.

We couldn't have done it without you.


Please post your comments, feedback, or any word of encouragement; it will motivate us to work more.


Thank You!

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Dear Dr K Pathak


Kudos to you, for all your vision and faith in founding RTI India, besides your continued perseverance to run it successfully against all odds.


In the words of the poet Robert Frost, You Chose the Road Less-Traveled-By And That Has Made All The Difference.

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