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CIC Hearings at Faraway Places


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From time to time Central information Commissioners are moving out of New Delhi to hear cases at remote locations. In the last 3 years there are at least 11 such occasions where ICs have held hearings at faraway places.

Is this some kind of decentralisation at CIC? :confused:


As per information received from Central Information Commission, IC Padma Balasubramanian is the most travelled IC of all time. And IC Tiwari is the Least travelled of all (Nill). During her tenure IC Padma Balasubramanian (she is going to retire shortly) has travelled more than eight times to six different places to hear cases. Chief Habibullah has gone to Chandigarh once to hear a single case only.


IC Padmabalasbramium traveled mostly to southern parts of the Country to hear cases. Surprisingly she travelled to tiny pudduchery 2 times for a total of 4 days.


IC Kejariwal was scheduled to travel all the way to Port Blair to hear 26 cases there. Members from Port Blair please update whether this hearings were held or not.


CIC do not have any particular fixed policy & procedure for conducting hearings at faraways places. It depends solely upon the ICs where they conduct their hearings taking into account fixation of cases, no. of cases of one public authority in particular area and balance of conviniences etc. The entire process of hearing is flexible.


Details of hearings by different Commissioners are produced below.





Source - AS per information provided by Tarun Kumar, CPIO, CIC

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