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How many back papers does a student give to become Engineer ?


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Students are allowed to give "back papers" in subjects/courses in which they fail by several Universities.


However, details of these "back papers" and the number of attempts is not available in the Engineers Degree.


On the other hand, details of "back papers" of Doctors are available in their Degrees.


One RTI activist from Bikaner, Rajasthan - Mr Manoj Kamra is using RTI to ensure that details of "back paper" and number of attempts are incorporated in the Engineers degree.


See the attached Video about his efforts, as carried on Doordarshan.


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As reported in timesofindia.indiatimes.com on 10 May 2012:

No job in government college for engineers failing in semester examination - The Times of India



No job in government college for engineers failing in semester examination


JAIPUR: The state technical education department has decided to bar engineers, who have failed in any of the subjects in any semester, from applying for a job in a government engineering college.


The decision has been implemented with immediate effect. It came after activist Manoj Kamra filed an appeal before the technical education department asking it how does it expect quality teaching from candidates who took more than one attempt to clear 'back' exams.


He supported his appeal with an RTI report which revealed that majority of the faculty in the seven government engineering colleges took more than one attempt to clear 'back' papers while pursuing B.Tech and M.Tech.


"This decision will ensure that only meritorious candidates will apply for a job in government colleges. Candidates who took more than one attempt to clear their back exams deserve less preference," said RP Yadav, vice-chancellor, RTU.


An RTU official said nearly 70% students fail in at least one of the subjects in every semester in engineering colleges, but for premier institutes like MNIT, the figure stands at 20%.


Kamra said the existing system has major loopholes. One being that those who appear for back exams more than once have better chances of scoring more marks. "I have come across many cases in which a student clears a back exam of first semester in the fourth semester with high scores. It is an injustice to other students who work hard and pass all the papers in the same semester," he pointed out.


Acting on his appeal, the technical education department had formed a committee to look into changes that can be incorporated in the existing system.


The colleges which will fall under this category are Bikaner College of Technology and Engineering, Government Women College in Ajmer, Government Engineering College in Ajmer, Jhalawar, Bikaner. and Bikaner along with Rajasthan Technical University.


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Thanks for publishing it on this forum and rtiindiasms. Let us hope consensus in india over maximum permissible number of attempts/backpapers of B.E. for different type of works in near future.


In engineering education in india, a major flaw of attempt during B.E. have remained unnoticed till date since last 60 years. Ignoring attempts in engineering education have resulted in sharp decline in quality of engineers in india as a whole and especially faculty in reputed engineering institutions. Till date, even in NITs (national institute of technology) all over india, there is no provision of maximum limit of number of attempts of B.E. for applying for faculty positon.


In contrast to medical education, in engineering education, there is no differentiation between engineer passed B.E. with several attempts and passed clear without any attempts.

On the contrary, in engineering education, an engineer passed with more marks irrespective of number of attempts during B.E. is considered superior than engineer passed with slightly less marks but without any attempts during B.E. in all govt engineers recruitments.

First time, Rajasthan Technical education deptt have framed rules for keeping attempters out from the post of faculty in engineering colleges. Rajasthan media have taken it very seriously and published it prominently (copies of news attached).


In national interest, let us hope awareness among public and policy makers about this major flaw of engineering education/engineers recruitment remained unnoticed till date in india-------for safe and durable infrastructure, improved engineering education&Research

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This is a very good effort by our member Manoj Kamra.


Members from other States can also push their respective State Technical Education Departments to enact a similar measure.

This will hopefully increase the quality of education in our Engineering colleges.

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This undertaking to be signed by applicants for facutly in govt engg colleges of Rajasthan mandatorily since 11-5-2012 declaring no attempt in any semester.


This is first time to exclude attempters/having backpapers in B.E. to be out from faculty position whereas all NITs/IITs in india are still adamant on appointing attempters as faculty. This happened only due to RTI. Hope other states will make it mandatory to sign this undertaking for faculty position in degree engg colleges with the help of rtiindia group.

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jhalawar vacancy1.JPG


In Rajasthan,after RTI efforts, one rule of having no backpaper in any semester of B.Tech. have been made for govt engg colleges of the state.


From Advt , compliance of new rule is evident.

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