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Tamil nadu RTO is checking for other state vehicles and even if the owners are using it for temperoary 2/3 - 6months, RTO is insisting on LifeTime Tax - which comes around 10% of the vehicle.


They are insisting on Life time tax where they are not providing information or giving provision of one year tax / fine by paying which we could get back the RC book.


Do you have any information about one year tax for those who bring the vechicle for temperoary period ? How could we get these information ?


From what I understand is, Government is given a free will to RTO to collect as much as money they can and they are doing this on purpose. So far collected 50Crs from outside cars by this method. I personally experienced this scnario and know 3/4 people who already gone through paying the amount. Any help will be really appritiated.

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When a Motor vehicle registered in one State has been kept in other State for a period exceeding twelve months the owner is required to obtain a new registration mark to be assigned by the registering authority within whose jurisdiction the vehicle then is in terms of section 47 of the Motor Vehicle Act 1988.


Plz see here :

National Portal of India


You may file an RTI Appl with PIO , O/o relevant DTO and seek the documents / rules under which they are collecting tax for period of

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Plz see here :

National Portal of India


You may file an RTI Appl with PIO , O/o relevant DTO and seek the documents / rules under which they are collecting tax for period of


Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I never filed an RTI till now, could you please provide me some more information for filing RTI.


Shall I go to the RTO office and file it or any specific office i have to go and do the same ?


Basically , RTO Never gives any thing in written, they gives a receipt to inform that the RC has been taken from the individual and inform to visit and pay tax. Once we go to RTO office, they are verbally asking to pay life time tax, no other go, they are not ready to give a written document. If we ask for Fine for staying in for 45 days or one year tax details, simple Ans - it is not available now, this is because of the government order.


Pay the life time tax and go for refund - Interestingly, if we ask what is the process for refund , they say you are not eligible for asking that question, once you pay the tax then we will discuss :)


I think there needs to be a collective effort to stop this non ethical act by the RTO. Not sure how to make this more public to the people / media so that this will be eliminated once in for all. It looks like we are not Indians, rather staying in separate countries like Karnataka, Tamilnadu , AP etc

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I never filed an RTI till now, could you please provide me some more information for filing RTI.


You can file a RTI application with the PIO of the RTO. Details of PIO will be available on the website of the RTO or Transport department of TN, under the "RTI" link. Or simply call that office and ask "Who is the PIO in your office under the RTI Act 2005. I want to file a RTI application." ?



Your RTI Application has to be as per the RTI Rules and Fees for Tamil Nadu.

These are available in the Guide section of the Portal: RTI Guide



Please read the other articles in the Guide section as well as the links given in the FAQ here: RTI FAQ



These will be of help to you during the RTI process.



Please also read:



Time limits specified in the RTI Act - Guide

How to submit a RTI Application - Guide

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Hi Tiagath,


I would like to know what happened to your RTI application and to your RC book (incase if it was taken by the RTO). I'm facing the same situation... so need help and guidance to proceed.


The RTO stopped my vehicle (KA registered vehicle on 2nd May 2012) and gave me the same reply when I demanded them regarding the rules. They have now holding my RC book and they said it will be returned only after I pay the Road Tax. I just moved from Banagalore to Chennai in Dec-2011.


The RTO officer has given me a week's time to pay the Road Tax amount (7.75% of the purchase value of the vehicle) and take back the RC book. I searched across the web but was unable to find any solution.



Do let me know. I feel this is a real exploitation of people moving into TN from various other states...




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Hi Hemanth,


I am yet to receive a reply for the RTI submitted to the PA to RTO.


Consulted an Advocate, and informed him about the RTI. Once I receive the details, will consult the Advocate and will proceed with a Case in court.


Went to RTO office again and met the officier who is supposed to send me the reply. What she told is they are doing this because of government order. Every inspector got a target which has to be collected and they could not help it.


I found it interesting..just because the Tamilnadu government doesn't have money, they gave target to vehicle inspectors and they are punishing the public like us.


Looking towards a group of people who are suffering because of this government order to challange it in Court.


Each state government is deviding India to multiple countries.


Regards, TJ

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Received reply for RTI but not much of a use. They are siting section 3 of Tamilnadu Motor vehicle act 1978. Send notice to the RTO - personal notice and in-case if no response , will be going to court.

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Dear Tjagath

Hi i am also planning to bring vehicle from other state to chennai.

now i am confused to bring or not to bring vehicle in chennai due to lifetime tax issue.

i searched State transport authority website 'http://www.tn.gov.in/sta/taxtables.html' & found that non transport vehicles annual tax is given in the portal. since it is under non transport vehicles 'cars jeep etc. we can opt for it. but when checked with RTO offices over phone no one is speaking about annual tax for vehicles. all are demanding original invoice. what should i do?

any guidance from your side & also let me know what stage you are for this issue?

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