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RTI INDIA: Ten ways to access RTI beyond the website

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This post compiles all the channels RTI INDIA is available.


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RTI INDIA basic tenant is to create many tentacles to make it available to maximum modes while keeping the core of everything at one place. So RTI INDIA not only is accessible through website http://www.rtiindia.org, but available from facebook, mobile, SMS, You Tube, Applications e.t.c. All these channels converge into one database.


This divergence of access and convergence of data at one place is basis on which RTI INDIA rests.


1. RTI INDIA Mobile Application:




RTI INDIA can be accessed through any Android or Apple devices with our application. The Android application is available free for download. This is our most popular application.


The News of it's launch:

RTI launches own smartphone app - Hindustan Times


RTI India unveils mobile application for Android phones



RTI INDIA | AppBrain Android Market

App Review: RTI India

RTI India Android Application - FOR THE WIN

RTI India Android App Review ~ Web 2.0 Asia Blog


RTI India releases an Android app and I am speechless




The article on Thinkdigit and Rediff has included RTI INDIA Android apps as "10 must have apps for Indian Smartphone"




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Some more:

Best Android Apps for Indian Users « SEO Vigyan

Get the Popular Android apps in India on AppBrain - Page 3


The RTI INDIA Android application is in-built application in iBallslide tablet.


Screen Shot 2012-04-21 at 5.13.31 PM.jpg



The Android mobile application enables any user to access the plethora of articles, discussions on Right to Information on mobile. The user can participate in discussions, get help in matters of RTI, send personal messages and receive notification over mobile.


Many users have told they used to get the instant reply even when they are visiting a Public Information Officer or CIC. Be an informed citizen right from your mobile. Share with us how did you use our application.


2. WriteRTI Apple Mobile application:


photo (1).jpg


Similar to Android Mobile Application, we have iOS Mobile application named as "writeRTI" in the iOS Market place. The application is free to download and use. You can register directly from the mobile and become part of our community.


RTI INDIA is also available from Forumrunner mobile application.



Search for RTI INDIA once you download the forumrunner application over your android or iOS (Apple iPad, IPod, iPhone). By bringing RTI INDIA forums over forumrunner, we have become part of growing community of many other forums.


3. RTI INDIA Facebook Application:


Screen Shot 2012-03-04 at 11.27.15 AM.jpg


Leverage Facebook’s vast social network with a fresh new way of letting new and existing community members interact with our forum directly from Facebook via our own RTIINDIA Facebook App! Read the details here: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/content/381-rti-india-facebook-application.html


So you don't leave Facebook and interact with core RTI INDIA community from within Facebook.


4. RTI INDIA Facebook Fanpage:


Screen Shot 2012-04-21 at 5.47.14 PM.jpg


RTI INDIA has it's facebook Fanpage and provide a platform for users to keep pace with us on major developments on RTI.


5. RTI INDIA Mobile Browser:


We launched exclusive application for Android and iOS devices, however, we are still not ready for mobile application for other operating system like blackberry, Nokia. But no worry! We have super charged Mobile Browser site which can be accessed from any mobile phones and provides all the functionality of a full site in a mobile way. Here is the screenshot of one of it:




Just go to your mobile browser and type www.rtiindia.org and our site will detect automatically your browser and open mobile based RTI website for you.


6. RTI INDIA SMS Channel:




If you do not have internet access, and still need continuos update of RTI, subscribe to our SMS channel from Google: Google SMS Channels - RTIINDIASMS



7. RTI INDIA You Tube Channel:



For those who like to interact with us via videos, we have RTIINDIA You Tube channel> Subscribe to us here: RTIINDIA - YouTube


8. RTI INDIA Twitter:





If you are a twitter fan and like micro-blogging, follow us on twitter from here: https://twitter.com/#!/rtiindia


9. RTI INDIA Toolbar:




By RTI INDIA toolbar, you are instantly part of our community always on the net. Consider downloading our toolbar and have access to news, search, new discussions directly from browser: http://rtiindia.ourtoolbar.com/



10. RTI INDIA LinkedIn Profile:






If you are professional and like to connect with us through LinkedIn, visit here: RTI India | LinkedIn



Do you have more ideas to expand RTI? We would like to hear from you.

Thank You!

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