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Encroachment upon public space by Hawker

Tasneem Sushant Dhumak


Tasneem Sushant Dhumak

Sub: Illegal selling of Custom Goods at dirt cheap price(Hawker) in front of Vinayak Apt, Deendayal Nagar, Vasai (W) by paying "Hafta" to Municipality


Dear Sir/Madam,



I am writing this on behalf of my father (Mohsin Matiwala). My father is an electrician and owns a shop in Vinayak Apt in Vasai (W), since he’s in his 70’s and is physically handicapped he has to give the shop on rent. The person whom we had last rented our shop to (Mohammed Younus Lakha), he was just not ready to vacate our shop, he ‘s like a local goon, and after lots of hardship (filing a complaint against him in police station and also greasing the hands of the police)we were able to vacate him. My father now no longer has the strength to run down your offices nor his spine has the tolerance to bow down at your feet and beg for you to do what is to be your work “Nagar Seva”. He has already greased the hands of the police for vacating this same man from his shop. The amount he paid is the amount that his wife has been using to feed the mouth of her household from the time she came to his house irrespective of inflation be high or low.



This shop means a lot to him and is his only source of livelihood. But now because this local goon sells his illegal goods on the road right in front of the shop. Due to this our shop gets covered and no one is ready to take it on rent due to his fear. The entire Vinayak Apt Society too fears him. And past 4 months there is not a single tenant. Even after filing a complaint against him in Vasai Municipal Corporation and in Police Station no action has been taken. We also went to our area corporator, but he too simply dismissed the case. And now this goon threatened him saying "we know where all you went to file complaint against us, even if you go to Thane Municipality no one will help, since I give "Hafta".


Please Help Us.


Your's Sincerely,




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Here RTI will not be a better option.

You can try a better trick. Just go to police station where you have registered case and ask how much money they want to kick out that bloody hawker. They will ask you an amount. And then you can approach to your ACB department to trap those policemen red handed. If you can use a spy-camera then it will be best for you.

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Matter not at all related to RTI - the principal focus of this portal.



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