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Information not recieved even after 30 days of stipulated time




I have submitted an RTI application on 26.06.2012 , but still have not received any communication regarding this.

I am posting hereby the text of my RTI application. Pls. guide me if it is not in correct format.

And also let me know wt i need to do now in this regard to get the required information

The Public Information Officer/ Block Development Officer/District Magistrate


Uttar Pradesh


Subject: Information required under sub section (1) of section 6 of RTI Act 2005:



Dear Sir,

Please provide the following information under 6(1) of RTI Act 2005:

• Year wise details of budget grants received by Gram Pradhan/Gram Panchayaat, Dullahpar, Block Bilariyaganj, Tehsil Sagri, Dist Azamgarh during the financial year 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.

• Whether the funds received during above said period are utilized completely.

• If utilized, please provide the contract agreement details for the works completed during above said period.

• Please also inform me about the details of roads and sewage construction/repairing works performed in the Gram Panchayat Dullahpar, Block Bilariyaganj, Tehsil Sagri, Dist Azamgarh, during above said period.


To the best of my knowledge the information/informations sought does/do not fall within the restrictions contained in Sections 8(1)(e) and 9 of RTI Act 2005 and it pertains to your office.

Application fee for Rs. 10/- in the form of R.No./CIPO No. 79E981131 dated 25/06/2012 is attached here with this application.



It is declared that I am an Indian Citizen and requesting for information in that capacity.

That I have not requested for this information earlier.

I will not allow/cause to use/pass/share/display/ or circulate the information received in any case and under any circumstances, with any person or in any manner which would be detrimental to the Unity and Sovereignty or against the Interest of India.


Thanking you


Yours faithfully,

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Pls. go through the text of my RTI application and let me know if it needs to be corrected in order to get the required information.

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Pls. go through the text of my RTI application and let me know if it needs to be corrected in order to get the required information.


Application is correct.

In any case once you have already filed it...not much can be done now.

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I have attached the copy of reply for above RTI application (which i got almost after one and half months from the date of filing).

I am not satisfied with the reply as it does not contain specific amounts spent on the particular work. I gives only sum of funds recieved and spent and lumped details of works without any contract details of works completed (query 3).copy of reply.jpgcopy of reply.jpg

Pls. guide me for the further action so I can get the required details.

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I have already filed first appeal for non-receipt of reply of my RTI application. After few days I got this information.

Please let me know how can i proceed further.


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Dear Member


Either you may file 2nd Appeal (which may be time consuming) OR you may file addendum/reminder with FAA assuming that FAA has ordered for supply of all info but PIO has not done the same.


Kindly refer:http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/blogs/jps50/1872-non-compliance-orders-first-appellate-authority-c-pio.html



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I have filed a second first appeal (Reminer Appeal) to same FAA, based on quality and quantity of information supplied with the following text:



The First Appellate Authority under RTI Act

Chief Development Officer

Vikas Bhawan (Azamgarh)

Post Office – Azamgarh H.O.

Dist – Azamgarh – Uttar Pradesh Pin Code 276 001


Dear Sir,


Subject: First Appeal dated ……………… -Non compliance by C/PIO.


I thank you for your decision on my captioned appeal dated ………….. relating to my RTI application dated …………………., ordering release of information by C/PIO.


I regret to inform you that concerned C/PIO has not yet complied with your orders and continue to evade supply of information. They have provided me with reply which does not contain details of amounts spent on the particular work. It gives only lumped details of funds received and spent and details of works without any contract details completed (No reply to query 3 of my RTI application).

This act of omission and commission by C/PIO amounts to gross misconduct under service rules of your organization, in addition to transgression of duties enjoined on CPIO under RTI Act 2005. It also violates my rights as consumer under The Consumer Protection Act 1986.


I therefore humbly request you to kindly:

a. Use your authority to ensure that your lawful and reasonable orders are sincerely and faithfully obeyed by C/PIO.

b. Initiate or recommend departmental / disciplinary action against C/PIO for flouting your orders as senior officer to C/PIO.

c. Ensure that requested information is supplied by C/PIO immediately.


I am sure C/PIO and you will not compel me to invoke The Consumer Protection Act 1986. I may add that I am a consumer under this act as decided by National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission, New Delhi on 28-05-2009 in Revision Petition Nr. 1975 OF 2005. Dist. Consumer Fora at Nagpur, Vijaynagaram and Coimbatore have ordered release of information and compensation to RTI applicants under said act. Guntur A.P. Dist Consumer Forum ordered release of information and granted compensation and expenses on 07-01-2011 and when PIO and FAA did not comply with its orders Forum issued warrants to arrest two senior officers of State Govt. [one of director rank].


Yours faithfully,



Encl: 1. Copy of RTI application dated …………………..

2. Copy First Appeal dated ……………….

3. Copy of reply received from CPIO dated …………


Its more than one and half months passed since I submitted the above reminder appeal to FAA, but still not received any response.

Pls. guide me for further action, so, I can get the required information.

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Dear friends,

My RTI application and subsequent appeal and reminder appeal were of no avail.

I am hereby uploading my RTI application and reply from PIO alongwith first appeal and its reminder.

Please go through all these documents and suggest me for me further action.

1. RTI application.pdf

3. reply by PIO.pdf

4. Reminder appeal.pdf

2. First appeal..pdf

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