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ONGC - Promotion Criteria

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Dear mahapushkar, here is the desired information::

Whom to address your RTI application:

Mr. Shanti Prakash Toppo GM (HR) & Central Public Information Officer,

13th Floor, Core-4, Scope Minar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110092




Shri N.K. Singh, DGM (HR) & Central Public Information Officer-II,

13th Floor, Core-4, Scope Minar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110092


011-22041208 (Direct)/ 22406919

Fax 011-22406876



Application fees: Same as for others ie Rs 10 postal order favoring F&AO, ONGC, payable at New Delhi


application format No fixed format


you may use the format I use as under



Application under Section 6(1) of the Right to Information Act 2005




Mr. Shanti Prakash Toppo

GM (HR) & Central Public Information Officer, ONGC

13th Floor, Core-4, Scope Minar

Laxmi Nagar, Delhi – 110092



Name of the Applicant : XXXXXXXX




Information required : XXXXXXXXXXXX


Period of information : xxxxxxx



Particulars of information


Please provide following information









Note: If certain information is exempted please give details of that exemption such as whose personal information, who is third party, who are in fiduciary relationship, whether third party has refused information and the applicable RTI ACT and how that act is applicable and so on.

AND as per the proviso of section 10.(1) of RTI Act provide that part of information which is not exempted



Further, this is to inform that


i. I am a citizen of India

ii. A fee of Rs. 10/- by way of Postal Order no__________ favoring F&AO, ONGC, payable at New Delhi, dated _________ has been attached.







Signature of Applicant



Write an application, sign, attach Postal order, post only through registered post with AD


Keep copy of application & PO, registered postal receipt for further use


Your query has to be direct.

ie never ask questions such as what is the procedure, who takes part etc

It has to be "Please provide the relevant documents regarding particular procedure or particular meeting or minutes of a meeting etc

It is not their responsibility to create information, they can provide only documents. They can not provide their personal opinions etc


You may ask some of your friend or relative to write application if due to some reason you do not want to write yourself


Also let me warn you they take every possible excuse so as not provide the information asked for.

I got desired information after several applications by trial and error method.

But still I must admit it is worth trying again and again.


If you want, you may show your application to me or any other member before posting.

Thanks for your interest and best wishes.

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Dear NirKan

Congratulations to you for getting promotion charts through RTI.

Your last two blogs have exposed a lot.

I have also tried to get promotion Charts through RTI but all they give is one or the other excuse.

Do keep writing

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