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Poorly Printed Passport Booklet received

Guest zeroos


I received my first new passport on 9 August 2012. I received my passport on time but when I opened I was shocked to see that printing quality of the first page is very bad and the lamination was damaged and this is the the case with new passport. Many alphabets are blurred on the first page. There is ink around most of the alphabets and are not properly readable.


So I filed a complain on-line. But I never received any reply. So I decided to visit RPO, Delhi. On 11 September,2012 I visited RPO, Delhi. I told my case to an official in passport office and he found my complain genuine and told me you should be issued new passport(duplicate one) and guided me to visit Room No: 29. But when I met an official in Room No: 29, he told me that they will re-laminate the passport but they will not give you new passport or reprint the passport. Then he told me to visit Room No: 18 for lamination. I reached to Room No: 18, I told my problem again and he told me that he will only re-laminate but can not do anything with printing. Even the official in Room No: 18 advised me if I insist for reprinting of passport then maybe I will receive a more worsen printed passport. He fixed the lamination but printing is still bad. So a citizen of India should expect a poor quality service like this from Passport Office of India


Then I have to leave the passport office as I was not getting any help regarding the printing quality.


This is going to create problem for me in getting visa and clear immigration. I can be detained at any airport by immigration officials as my passport does not look original. It looks like somebody has printed it at home. I want to know who is responsible for sending a damaged/bad quality passport to me. Does passport office do any quality check before dispatching it?


Even when I visited passport office they behave rudely and does not listen to real problem. I have to miss my college class for a whole day when I visit passport office each time and passport officials does not listen and does not listen to problem. I am not getting a passport for free, I have paid for it (INR 1000 plus other cost like traveling,time), so I should expect a proper passport not a damaged one. Its totally harassment by passport office.


I am thinking to file RTI to solve this issue. Please guide me what are the steps in detail to apply through post as I can not visit passport office again and again because my college is in different city and also my family does allow to me to travel to Delhi alone.

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Dear Member


You may file a complaint explaining whole scene and also surrender this one with request to issue fresh one at the earliest. In case of no reply in 20/25 days file RTI application seeking action taken report on your complaint.


Please refer:




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Send a clear copy of the bad printing to:


1. Regional passport officer (by Name)

2. Chief Passport Officer (by name), Ministry of External Affairs

3. Foreign Secretary (by name)

4. Prime Minister of India

5. President of India


Clearly tell them whatever you have said in the above post.

If you know names of the persons in those rooms - mention the names also. Otherwise mention only the room numbers and date/time of visit to those rooms.

Not more than ONE A4 size page


Also lodge a complaint here: :: Grievance Redress Mechanism in Government ::


You will get a brand new passport in a jiffy......and the system will also improve so that others do not face the same issue.

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