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RTI against road accidents




Hi All,


I am deeply concerned with the number of people dying because of road accidents in India every day. We might dismiss this saying well surely if one doesn't follow the rules properly then they deserve what happens on the road. But the truth of the matter is there are equal number of obedient Indians who are paying a deadly price because of others not following the rules.


If you look up the news on road accidents in india everyday you will realize the importance this issue deserves. Most families who have the male as only bread-winner pay a even bigger price as they loose their only source of income. And we know because of the corruption in bureaucracy the ex-gratia announced will trickle down to the victims after a long process.


I have written to secretaries of union road-ministry trying to understand the measures they taken regarding this but there response was not concrete. They showed concern and they also agreed that road accidents are a grave concern but they remain muted on the measures taken by them.


Just for others info India is the number 1 country in road accidents in the world with 11 people dying in a hour in 2011 and year on year this number is increasing. The union minister secretary has said this is because more number of vehicles are coming on to the road so naturally accidents rise. But i cant accept this theory after the seeing the number of road accidents in Britain which is decreasing year on year. Even if we forget Britain how does the theory of increase in vehicles justify those people who loose their loved ones in accidents.


Our media because of its shabby reporting for TRP ratings never focuses on these issues. They give space to sunny leone but not these important issues.


I am not in India at the moment so please can other members share their thoughts on this? We need to do something before we or our family members become victims . We need to stop this culling of people on our roads.

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49 views and no reply? Guys i have posted this with lot of hope. All i am asking for is an advice. This is something that is effecting all of us. So i request members take this a bit seriously.

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akhilesh yadav

Welcome to RTIIndia.org


1.This forum is solely dedicated to RTI Act.Ask your query related to RTI Act.


2.File RTI application to ministry of road transport & highways & other state transport authorities ask for information about measures have been taken in this regard.


3. Explore guide section of this forum to know, How to file RTI application?


4. Be regular on this forum to know more about RTI Act.

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