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RTI for getting info regarding action taken by Municipal Corporation on request for reconstruction of drain.



Hello Members!


I urgently need your valuable guidance and help in framing queries to retrieve information using the RTI Act from my city's Municipal Corporation regarding action taken by them on my written request for reconstruction of drain. The background for the same is as under:


I lodged a written complaint three months ago with the Complaints Section of my city's Municipal Corporation regarding improper drain (narrow & shallow) in front of my house and opposite my house (approx. 6-8 metres total) due to which dirty water and filth flows out on the road. I also pointed out the fact that this particular area of drain was left out by the Municipal Corporation when they reconstructed the drains of my locality the last time i.e. 8 years ago. I requested them through this letter to reconstruct this area of drain. I got a Docket Number for my complaint.

After a few days, seeing nothing happening, I again went to the Municipal Corporation's Complaint Section for enquiring about the matter. The clerk checked the status in his computer and told me that there is no status mentioned so I should go and meet the Junior Engineer in this regard. The J.En. asked me to wait for sometime for the "Tender Process" to get over. I came back but nothing happened.

When nothing happened for 2 months, I made a written complaint to the District Collector who must have sent a letter to the Municipal Corporation because two weeks after that, I got a call from the Municipal Corporation informing me- "We will attend to your complaint soon" but still nothing has happened and 3 months have passed. I don't think they have issued any notice for any tender in this regard. Also, I am not sure whether issuing a notice for tender is required for such a small work as this can be treated as repairs.


I want to use the RTI Act to get information in this regard urgently. Kindly help me in framing my queries.


Thanks & Regards.

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Thanks karira. I will file the RTI application by Monday.

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      As reported by ENS in expressindia.com on 10 July 2008:
      Every 3rd Pune corporator faces criminal cases - ExpressIndia.Com
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      Pune, July 9 Charges include eve-teasing, keeping illegal arms, attempted murder; list topper has 20 cases
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      In some instances, the number of cases against a corporator is as high as 20. Six women corporators are included in the list of offenders. While some of the corporators have been booked for relatively innocuous crimes like holding morchas or being involved in petty squabbles, a fairly large number have serious charges levied against them which include stabbing, eve-teasing, possession of illegal weapons, threat, extortion, running of gambling dens, making and selling illicit liquor, fraud and even attempt to murder. A few have also been booked under TADA and the MCOCCA.
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      “My party has always been against the criminalisation of politics and has asserted that those who have a proven criminal record should not be allowed to contest elections,” he asserted. “But our judicial system being so long drawn, criminals are allowed to contest till they are convicted of a crime and that is something that takes years to happen.”
      Incidentally, Mathkari too has a charge against him for taking out a political morcha. He explained, “I have never been involved in any criminal activity in my life. But yes, there have been lots of morchas I have taken part in for public and social causes and that can never be called a crime.”
      Corporator Ujjwal Keskar denied having any criminal case against him despite the five cases revealed by the records, including one under the Arms Act. “There is no truth in this. I am not involved in a single criminal case and no one has ever interrogated me on one either,” he claimed.
      Commissioner of Police Jayant Umranikar declined to comment on the findings on the corporators but admitted that there cannot be any doubt on information given under the RTI. “It has to be 100 per cent correct data,” he said.
      Reaffirming this, DCP (Crime Branch) Anil Kumbhare said that many of the charges appeared to be political in nature —- like breach of prohibitory orders, unlawful assembly of persons and holding morchas. He did admit, although, that there were also a string of serious charges ranging from stabbing and threats to extortion.
      Some of the other corporators whose names are included in the list are Anil Jadhav, Rashid Sheikh and Deepak Mankar of the Congress, Ganesh Bidkar of the BJP, Sanjay Bhosale of the Shiv Sena, Avinash Jadhav and Raju Barate of the NCP and Rajabhau Gorde of the MNS.
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