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RTI regarding "RTI Fee Payment Procedue" rejected by TNIC





I sent an RTI to Tamil Nadu Information Commission asking the following questions:


a) With reference to Tamilnadu G.O.Ms.No.989, Public (Estt.I & Leg.) Dept., dated 7.10.2005 the applicant can remit the RTI fee through Demand Draft / Bankers cheque / Treasury / Pay and Accounts Office / State Bank of India / Reserve Bank of India.


(i) Whether RTI fee can be remitted through District Treasury or not? If yes, What is the procedure to pay in District Treasury?


(ii) What is the procedure to remit RTI fee through Sub-Treasury? Whether Sub - Treasury is obliged to give Treasury challan to pay RTI fee or not?


(iii) What is the procedure to remit RTI fee through any branch of State Bank of India in Tamilnadu? What challan would be given by SBI to pay RTI fees and Whether it bound to give challan or not?


(iv) What is the procedure to remit RTI fee through Pay and Accounts Office?


(v) What is the procedure to remit RTI fee through Reserve Bank of India?


(vi) The head “0075.00. Miscellaneous General Services – 800. Other receipts –

BK. Collection of fees under Tamil Nadu Right to Information (Fees) Rules 2005” [DPC 0075 00 800 BK 0006] is too long to take Demand Draft / Bankers cheque. So many Bankers refuse to give DD and Bankers Cheque in above said Head. Then what action would be taken against Banker under RTI act for violating ART 21, RTI act, GO & e.t.c and what are other remedies to pay the RTI fee?



The RTI was rejected stating "Procedure to be followed in remitting of fee does not come under the purview of information under section 2(f) of RTI Act, 2005."


Can someone please advice me whether should I go first appeal for this reply or should I rephrase the questions in some other way?

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Dear Member


a. Could you please let us know that what will you do with this information ??


b. How you concluded that this info would be available with SIC?


c. When applicant friendly option (RTI FEE can be paid by non-judicial court fee stamp) is readily available then why applicant should take lengthy route. Please read: TAMILNADU RIGHT TO INFORMATION RULES - Guide


FOR help in framing technically correct RTI application (read the attachment/s in the post), please read: http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/94205-rti-help-can-we-ask-attestation-documents-provided-govt-office.html#post231006



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Thanks for your quick response and sorry for my late reply :rolleyes:


My friend, Alexraj and myself recently started using RTI for few issues and we wanted to probe into various facilities to access RTI, since we came to know Court Fee Stamp is not a viable option in Himachal Pradesh and we needed to apply an RTI to HPTDC.


At one point, we approached SBI to pay the fee and none of the officials in SBI s aware of the fact that there is a special RTI challan in SBI to pay the fee. After a series of complaints / RTIs on SBI Branch Manager, we finally made them understand and provide the RTI Fee Payment Service.


Hope that answered A and C


for B -> We are not sure, but we just assumed that all RTI related details should be available with any SIC and so our RTI.


Pls check following links ( where we post all our RTI activities to a site) to get more info on what I stated above:

Maladministration of Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation

SBI Authorities not aware of RTI Procedure

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The info asked by you is squarely fits in the corners of definition provided in the Section 2(f) of RTI act. If you are doing a research of viable option and its awareness of RTI process, then the application is welcoming one. However, you can use a IPO for filing the RTI with other state orlelse now you can use online portal of RTI for filing RTI application. Refer to following link for more details:


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