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Need help to frame RTI for poor drainage and poor road condition to Municipality.




Hi all,


I need to file an RTI to Municipality in Maharashtra.


Issue - Recently there had been a cement-concrete road constructed in front of my house, being of very poor quality, it has developed cracks etc. within 4 months. They didn't complete the work of drainage, leaving main-holes adjacent to each house (drainage chambers) open as they were to lay down pavement blocks on both sides, which is not complete even after 4 months. Asking local corporator, they say there is some kind of court-stay on the road that had been constructed. There are at least 20-30 houses on roadside and each has got open drainage chamber. Now whenever it rains (it just did yesterday), there is water logging as drain pipes have chocked. Before laying of road, British era drainage system was there and it was working perfectly well. I'm wondering how did municipality decide to make new road and new drain line above existing one. Also the level of new road is so high that its almost equal to most of the houses on side of road, with sure possibility of rain water entering the houses With just 2 months for arrival of monsoon, there will be lot of trouble. Thus I want to file an RTI and seek answers and get the work done and if possible, lead guilty to punishment. Is it also possible to complain/request an investigation to be carried out about quality of road?


I'm unaware of functioning/approval or sanction of projects/surveys needed before constructing a new road and planning drainage, if any. Thus not able to figure out what questions/information to seek. I found certain info. on http://www.rtiindia.org/forum/4364-rti-help-how-get-information-road-work-done.html but yet to know precise information to seek as for Maharashtra, acc. to new RTI rules word limit is only 150 words.


Please help me frame questions from the information given above. I've seen Malkapur (Buldhana) post. Still if there is any specific information to be sought? Can I ask for sample for road constructed to be tested in certain Lab?


Whom should I address my RTI application and IPO? Thank you.

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Sunil Ahya

You may download the following RTI Applications templates for Road Work Orders, suitably modify them and use it for your purpose,


(the policy / circular references in the templates are based on "Policy Guidelines for Trenching in Mumbai, MCGM, but then a generic reference " or any other such circular or a provision in a law for the time being in force" has also been made in the template):




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