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Posing questions to a Ration shop.




I want to make use of RTI for knowing what are the commodities been given to to the people by the particular ration store,

what is timing for open and close of store,

any schedule for supplying specific commodity,

how many people have green card,

white card under that ration store are accounted,

what is the quantity of each commodity they receive for sales for each phase,

is that always enough all the people,

if not does they request for extra quantity to the co operatives,

is there any surplus goods after all the sale has been over,

what will they do with the extra commodity,

is there proper data been followed and recorded and submitted,

need that data photocopy,

and like this you please suggest some ideas to pose questions so that there will be no misuse of govt products by selling in outside market!!

I have used my own words for understanding! So kindly correct my words so that they match with the actual terms they use in corporation :) And we will discuss with your replies!!

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You need to redraft your proposed RTI application. Under RTI, you can only ask for "information". Please read Sec 2(f), 2(i) and 2(j) of the RTI Act 2005: Right to Information Act 2005


Please read some of the threads (and the links given in those threads) whose links are given under your post "similar threads....." - in light blue colour. You will get a clear idea as to what is to be done.

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Prasad GLN

Shri Jayaseelan,

You can redraft your RTI Application in simpler terms

"Please furnish rules,regulations, directions in appointment,distribution,supply and all particulars step wise from taking delivery from Civil supply , accounting, return of materials not distributed, supervisory mechanism being followed for Ration distribution by State Govt.,

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Regards Railway Act againist contracter


Did you post this in a unrelated thread ?

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